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Dicembre 2018
Dicembre 2018
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Our celebrities

Fabrizio Reffo
Executive chef

Originating from Piemonte, Fabrizio is dynamic, passionate, clever even in his cooking style that he names “EVO 2.0”, which reinvents the dishes belonging to the Italian tradition through innovativeness and international inspirations and, sometimes, through the utilization of molecular techniques. He travels a lot, especially in the East, constantly looking for perfection and new stimuli, in order to discover new techniques and new ingredients through which he enriches unexpectedly his own idea of fusion cuisine. His guys call him “The Uncle”. As many important masters, the strictness and the discipline he applies in leading his own brigade hide a sweet heart. His aim is to be a good teacher for his collaborators, which he considers his “adoptive children”, supporting them through their professional growth. Apart from cooking, Fabrizio shows his adventurous spirit by travelling, better if on a motorcycle, and by practicing different kind of outdoor activities, such as downhill skiing, trekking and walking deeper into the woods. He relaxes doing bricolage.

A charismatic leader, a great wealth of experience, the intuition of an innovator.

Matteo Fontana
Chef Garde-Manger

He is a sensitive person, shy and selfless. He is able to face every situation positively. He is good at keeping the team spirit up and he is always ready to help his colleagues with great generosity. He spent his childhood in Valsesia and, when he was a teen he took his first steps in the high-level hotel restoration. This allowed him to achieve a professional preparation and become a real “jolly” that the whole team can play in difficult situations. Thanks to a sophisticated esthetic style matched with a vivid imagination, he stands out for spectacular buffet of appetizers and margarine sculptures. Everyday he takes care of all the cold meat and fish preparations. His great passion is grilled meat. In his spare time, he loves hunting, alpine skiing, running and supporting Juventus, his favourite team.

A patient and kind instructor, a great energy balanced with control and attention.

Luca Seccatore
Chef entremetier

He has gained an extensive professional experience in high-level hotels. He is impulsive, he has a great enthusiasm and a strong creativity. He is specialized in the preparation of appetizers and main courses. He loves experimenting, he is attracted from originality and innovation although the risotto remains his favorite dish, memory of Piemonte, his native land. He watches football matches but he is also a sportsman. He likes swimming, snowboarding and fishing, a passion handed down from his father. He loves listening to music, especially at live concerts, and spending time with friends and colleagues.

An adventuring companion, nice and enthusiast, a curious approach.